Treat your business like a business

I absolutely love the products we offer. If I didn't, I would not have created this company. I love the diversity of colors, patterns, and sizes. There is nothing to me like putting on my favorite scrunchie to complete my look. When I see someone put their new hair accessory on and their face lights up with magic, it is amazing. I want to share this feeling with you. 

But even with the amazement it is still a business. When you operate your business like a business then you will love the financial rewards. 

Here are a few tips to keep your business a business:

  • Set aside time to work your business diligently. Whether it be recruiting, follow ups, staying up to date on Scrunchieboxco news, training your downline, organizing, inventory, or any other business tasks, keep time slots in your week to ACTIVELY work your business. Work with consistency. You can certainly choose your hours and have the flexibility to change them daily/weekly but make certain that you get in the hours you need to build the business you want. Commitment is not working your business if you have the time, it is making the time to work your business.
  • Set goals. Have an idea of where you want to be next month, in 6 months, one year, five years. Put that vision in your head and align the steps to take towards achieving it. Make a vision board, if you don't know how CLICK HERE. Don't only apply business goals, put your life goals. This is your daily reminder of why you do what you do. Put it somewhere you will see it multiple times a day. I keep mine in the bathroom hanging next to my mirror that way as I get ready for my day I can think about what steps I am going to take to achieve my goals.
  • Understand that your business will be like a bathtub with both customers and team members. You will have some coming in and some going out. However, if you plug the drain and not allow some water to flow out and/or you don't add new fresh water coming in, the water in the tub will become cold and stale. Be ok with those who depart but be excited about the new coming in and those who stay for a lifetime!
  • Last but not least, KEEP your cup full! You cannot give out of an empty cup! Whatever it is in your life that recharges your batteries and gives you energy, you must allow time for so you don't burn out, pass out, give out, or lose out on all those you don't attract because you are tired, cranky, irritable, unkind, and have no energy!